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Suomenkieliset sivut saat esille yllä olevasta valikosta.

Improver, intermediate and advanced groups are taught by Nina Krook & Alejandro Herlan, Carina Quiroga & Arttu Artkoski and Nadia Tapia & Daniel Valenzuela. Each pair teaches each group for 1-2 lessons. The beginner course is taught from start to finish by Seita Keloluoto & Ari Sirén, and the double role group by  Andrea Ehses & Sandra Hoyer.

Nina & Ale

Nina & Alejandro


Nina Krook

I have danced and taught professionally nearly 30 years, and graduated as International Dance Teacher Association IDTA Latin member in London. Currently I'm working as Suomen Tanssinopettajain Liitto STOL's researcher for Argentine tango. In my teaching I concentrate on movement of the body, technique and dance partners' communication in order to make dancing as a pair easier. Also, developing follower's activity and balance are among my favorite subjects. I excel in particular on analysis of movement for both followers and leaders.

Alejandro Marce Herlan

As a teacher Alejandro distinguishes himself by observing the student in depth. Every dancer is different and therefore in need of a different approach. His pedagogical approach focuses on discovering the body’s potential, connecting with the partner and the music, in a simple and coherent way. He works on embrace quality, walking, attitude, sensitivity, aesthetics and musicality. The idea is to convey the most important aspects of social tango in a clear and effective way, so that you may quickly enjoy your dance experience.

Carina & Arttu

Carina & Arttu

Arttu y Carina pose4.jpg

Carina Quiroga & Arttu Artkoski

Arttu (FI) and Carina (AR/FI) are dancers, teachers and choreographers of Argentine tango and dancers and teachers of Argentine folk dance. Arttu is also a tango DJ and Carina has experience in contemporary dance and body dramaturgy. "We use technique as a tool for freedom of body expression."

Carina and Arttu use and teach a technique based on the body's natural movements, which gives everyone the opportunity to develop their own dance and express themselves freely, and also creates space for couple dancing. In their teaching they also use changing roles to expand the understanding of dance and the challenges of both roles. Their teaching is nourished by the elements of new tango, tango salon, canyenge and stage tango, and their dance is a delicious combination of traditional Argentinian tango and new style. They also perform and teach Argentine folk dances.


Arttu has been dancing tango for over 15 years and Carina for over 25 years. They met in 2008 at the well known DNI Tango school in Buenos Aires. Since 2010, they have danced and taught together in Argentina, Finland and other countries. In 2017, they opened La Fábrica del Tango - dance school with their friends and colleagues Pasi and Maria Laurén. The dream came true and they have their own tango school in the heart of Tampere.

TangoPiantao is the business name of Arttu and Carina, under which they dance, teach and sell e.g. shoes suitable for tango dancing and Luna de Tango dance clothing for women designed and handmade by Carina.

Nadia & Daniel

Nadia & Daniel


Nadia Tapia & Daniel Valenzuela

Nadia is a dancer, a dance teacher, GYROKINESIS® method trainer, an entrepreneur and a PhD in international law (Univ. of Helsinki 2020). She has been dancing for over 15 years. She collaborates with different dancers from Finland and abroad and has taught in Chile, Sweden, Estonia and Finland, where she currently resides and teaches regular lessons with her brands Abrazo Tango and Move and Flow


Daniel started dancing in 2009 in Santiago, Chile with Felipe Zarzar and Mamié Sancy. He began teaching tango in 2014, in Helsinki, Finland. Daniel has continued with his learning journey by taking lessons with different maestros from Chile, Buenos Aires and Europe.


Nadia and Daniel have been collaborating together since 2014. They teach regularly on Thursdays at El Atico in Helsinki.

Seita & Ari

Seita & Ari


Seita Keloluoto & Ari Sirén

Seita has been dancing Argentine tango since 2008 and since then she has devoted herself to practicing the dance closely. She has been teaching since 2011. Seita's tango studies also include annual international tango festivals and social dancing.

Ari has been dancing Argentine tango since year 1999. He started teaching regularly in 2008 and has taught e.g. At Finland's international Tango Frostbite festival. He has great enthusiasm and takes keen interest in developing his dance so tango festivals around the world and their diverse teachings are part of his annual program.


Ari and Seita have teaching together for over ten years, of which in three they have participated at the summer camp organized by Amigos del Tango. In addition to the weekly teaching classes in Helsinki, they have been invited to teach across Finland. They dance and teach Argentine tango with dynamic flavours and emphasize good technique, contact and communication between couples without forgetting musicality and the joy of dancing. Ari and Seita's goal is to give every dancer a good foundation, on which everyone can create their own interpretation of Argentine tango.

Andrea & Sandra

Andrea & Sandra


Andrea Ehses & Sandra Hoyer

German Andrea Ehses ja Sandra Hoyer are experienced double role tango dancers and teachers. They think that tango is hard to fully understand without knowing both roles, and to get a good connection both dancers need to know and execute the movements together - then it’s not always even possible to say who initiated which movement. Sandra describes that she feels like tango is  a three-dimensional moving sculpture that she creates in co-operation with her partner.

Andrea has been dancing tango since 1998 and she started to learn leading after one year of dancing as a follower. Since 2002 she has been teaching tango at Stúdio Libertango dance school in her home town Oldenburg. Sandra has been dancing tango for 15 years and teaching for eight years. She is a certificated trainer for Gyrokinesis.


Since 2015 Sandra and Andrea have been organizing the popular international Queer Tango Marathon Oldenburg event every year (except for the pandemic).

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