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Workshop groups at the camp

Suomenkieliset sivut saat esille yllä olevasta valikosta.

There's five workshop groups at the camp: beginner course, improver, intermediate, advanced and double role group. Please see the Levels page to find out which group suits you the best.

At registration you can choose which group's workshops you will participate. You can register either with a partner or by yourself - if registering without a partner we will verify your registration via email as soon as we can pair you with a partner from registered participants. An exception to this is the double role group, which does not require a partner for registration.

At the workshops there is a strong recommendation for partner rotation on teachers' lead. One of the carrying ideas of the camp is to foster new acquintances it's easier to go dancing in a milonga with someone you have already met. Of course, it's perfectly OK to participate in the workshops only with your own partner.

Beginner course

This course on Saturday and Sunday is meant for those who are taking their first steps of Argentine tango or need a good refresh on their basic technique, all in order to build a solid foundation for their tango. The course consists of five 75 minute workshops led by Seita Ketoluoto and Ari Sirén. They have been teaching together for over ten years and are now taking care of the Summer Tango Camp beginners' course for the fourth time.

The beginner
course also includes an introductory lesson on how to dance in milonga, right before the Saturday evening milonga a.k.a. the great dance party of the camp. With course workshops and this lesson under your belt, you are ready for your first milonga evening full of Argentine tango, waltz and milonga! Saturday evening milonga is included in the course price, as well as day milongas on Saturday and Sunday.

Improver, intermediate and advanced groups

All of these three groups have one 60 minute workshop on Friday, and total of four 75 minute workshops over Saturday and Sunday. Please check the detailed schedule for your group at the Program page closer to the event (it's possible that changes are made if the group sizes compared to the sizes of available class spaces so require).

The teachers are Nina Krook & Alejandro Herlan, Carina Quiroga & Arttu Artkoski and Nadia Tapia & Daniel Valenzuela. Each teacher couple will instruct each group on one or two workshops.​ The combination of different class themes for each group will be planned to be balanced and varied.

Double role group

In addition to traditional level groups, this year we are introducing a double role group for dancers of both roles. The teaching is in English. 


The carrying idea is to bring together people interested in learning both roles, who want to develop their understanding of the dance and enjoy the pleasure of changing roles. As some dancers have more experience in leading while others have it in following, we can all come to learn and share our knowledge in these workshops, supporting everyone's efforts to become better dancers. At the workshops, roles and partners are actively changed, and instruction is adjusted to meet participants' requirements.

Registration to double role group is open without a partner. We wish participants to have sufficient skill level in both roles to join improver level workshops in either role. However, mastery is not required – an earnest will to study and practice tango in both roles is most important. More advanced double role dancers are also welcome to the group! We are sure that there will be plenty of learning opportunities for everyone.


​Double role group has one 60 minute workshop on Friday, and total of four 75 minute workshops over Saturday and Sunday. The course consists of studying and exploring the basic substances of tango. At each class there is a special focus on different topics: 

1. confidential axis – for easy movements

2. circle of energy – for the most comfortable contact

3. perfect connection – the whole amusement 

4. the helix – we never walk alone

5. who is leading? – just have fun

The double role group instructors Andrea Ehses ja Sandra Hoyer are experienced German double role tango dancers and teachers. Andrea has been dancing tango since 1998 and she started to dance double role after one year of dancing. Since 2002 she's been teaching tango at Stúdio Libertango dance school in her hometown Oldenburg. Sandra has been dancing tango for 15 years and teaching for 8 years. She is a certificated trainer for Gyrokinesis. Since 2015 Sandra and Andrea have been organizing the popular international Queer Tango Marathon Oldenburg every year (except for the pandemic).

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