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Level descriptions

Suomenkieliset sivut saat esille yllä olevasta valikosta.

The beginner course at the camp will be taught by Ari & Seita and the double role group will be taken care by Andrea & Sandra. The rest of the teachers will rotate at all other levels (improvers, intermediate and advanced) so that each couple teaches each group for 1-2 classes. For choosing the class level suitable for yourself, please read the level descriptions below.


For attending the double role group we wish you already have experience in dancing both roles - at least so that you could join the improver level in either role. We'll be actively changing both couples and roles in this group.

Beginner level

You have not been dancing Argentine Tango before or possibly attended some beginner courses, but it all still feels new. You are coming to get a good bases to build further learning of this dance. 

Improver level

You have been dancing Argentine Tango for awhile already. You are proficient in the basic techniques (posture, walking, use of the core), the basic elements of the dance and your own balance. You have already danced in Milongas with various partners.


Intermediate level

You are dancing Argentine Tango regularly and are confident in the following items: You have a good balance of your own and starting to get right the mutual balance with a partner too. You hear and can dance to the rhythm and are beginning to notice and express the various music styles. As a lead you are able to wait for your follower to complete their movement before moving on yourself. You understand the difference between close and open embrace and can easily use either.


Advanced level

You are an experienced Argentine Tango dancer and have mastered the basic techniques and the keeping balance as an individual as well as in a couple and the more demanding elements of the dance. You are able to express the various music styles with different dance techniques. You are able to dance in Milongas with different types of partners with confidence.

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