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Suomenkieliset sivut saat esille yllä olevasta valikosta.

Improver, intermediate and advanced groups are taught by Jessica Stserbakova & Somer Surgit, Marjo Kiukaanniemi & Timo Hakkarainen and Maria & Pasi Lauren. Each pair teaches each group for 1-2 lessons. The beginner course is taught from start to finish by Seita Keloluoto & Ari Sirén, and the double role group by Malin Backström & Meeri Friman (Malin leads the level B for experienced dancers, Meeri the basic level A).

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Jessica & Somer


Jessica Stserbakova & Somer Surgit

The magic of Argentine Tango brought Jessica and Somer together in 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia where they are currently based and teaching regularly. They have been invited to perform around the world and provide classes and intensive learning opportunities for dancers at all levels. They have been committed to grow Estonian tango community for the past ten years with longterm students for whom the tango has become a lifestyle.

Words like elegant, effortless and spontaneous are often used to describe their style. Somer and Jessica believe strongly in beauty of connection and art of improvisation.


The dance they have created reflects their true selves. They have a foundation of years of dance training. Through their strong connection with each other and  music, they delight in the excitement of dancing with spontaneity based on pure improvisation.
Their elegance and effortless movements are easy to take for granted.

Clarity and precision of their instruction have won Jessica and Somer profound respect as teachers.

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Marjo & Timo


Marjo Kiukaanniemi & Timo Hakkarainen

Marjo and Timo are dance artists, dance teachers and musicians. They have danced argentine tango together since 2009 and taught it all around Finland. Marjo and Timo run Tangotheatre Kiuta which has performed its works in 11 countries. Marjo is a Master of Arts in contemporary dance. She is also a pilates and barre instructor. Timo's background in dance is purely in tango.

Even though the strongest interest of Timo & Marjo is to use Argentine tango as a cornerstone for their performances, they highly appreciate the tradition of tango as a social dance. In their teaching Timo & Marjo rely on natural posture, musicality, sensitive interaction, and understanding the structure of tango. Further, they are constantly looking for ways to encourage their students (and themselves) to trust their intention and body intelligence instead of mind-blocking analysement sometimes present in western, organized cultures. Timo & Marjo's classes have been said to be well planned with good rhythm and also fun.

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Maria & Pasi


Maria & Pasi Lauren

Pasi and Maria Lauren are skilled, warm-hearted, and versatile argentine tango dancers and teachers. They have danced argentine tango since 2000 and taught together since 2005.

From the beginning, they have been internationally involved and they teach, perform and study the tango diversely around the world. They dance and teach various tango styles: tango salon, tango nuevo, showtango and canyengue. In addition to dancing, their passion is developing the teaching. Pasi and Maria use for example the Aleksander technique in their teaching and find inspiration from their own maestro, Gustavo Naveira, as well as the best dynamic teachers of the new generation.

Maria has graduated as a professional dance teacher from Oulu University of Applied Sciences, mastering in argentine tango and Finnish dances in couples. Together with Arttu Artkoski and Carina Quiroga, they have have the dance school La Fábrica del Tango in Tampere. In addition, they dance and teach argentine folklore dances.

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Seita & Ari


Seita Keloluoto & Ari Sirén

Seita has been dancing Argentine tango since 2008 and since then she has devoted herself to practicing the dance closely. She has been teaching since 2011. Seita's tango studies also include annual international tango festivals and social dancing.

Ari has been dancing Argentine tango since year 1999. He started teaching regularly in 2008 and has taught e.g. at Finland's international Tango Frostbite festival. He has great enthusiasm and takes keen interest in developing his dance so tango festivals around the world and their diverse teachings are part of his annual program.


Ari and Seita have teaching together for over ten years, of which in three they have participated at the summer camp organized by Amigos del Tango. In addition to the weekly teaching classes in Helsinki, they have been invited to teach across Finland. They dance and teach Argentine tango with dynamic flavours and emphasize good technique, contact and communication between couples without forgetting musicality and the joy of dancing. Ari and Seita's goal is to give every dancer a good foundation, on which everyone can create their own interpretation of Argentine tango.

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Malin & Meeri


Malin Backström

Malin Backström is a pioneer in the development of queer and double role dancing in Sweden. She has been teaching both roles in different couple dances for 25 years – latin & ballroom, salsa, swing, and – for the last 11 years: Argentine tango. Besides running her own dance studio in Stockholm, Malin also travels a lot. She has been teaching tango all over Sweden, in Norway, Denmark, Germany, and now also in Finland.

In her teaching, Malin likes to focus on communication and musicality, and she thinks it’s more interesting HOW you dance, than WHAT you dance (steps, figures). She is known for creating a nice and safe atmosphere, and for her pedagogical skills and ability to make even difficult things seem easy.

Malin is also a tango DJ and a writer.

Meeri Friman

Meeri Friman started dancing Argentine tango in 2006 and trying both roles already at her first trip to Buenos Aires in 2008. She has been studying both tango and Argentine folklore aka folk music and dances.

In Tampere Meeri has previously been teaching Tango aMoroso association's seasonal training groups with different partners, and during latest years at weekend courses, classes and f.ex. at HelaTango camp with Luis Rojas. Together with Seita Keloluoto Meeri won Finland's Tango de Pista dance competition in May 2023.

In tango, the communication and interaction between the dance partners are important to Meeri, as is connection with the music. She hopes to be able to give tools for these in her teaching. She's also been a tango DJ since 2009.

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